Confidence is an interesting concept. You can have confidence in yourself, or others can have confidence in you. From the inside it manifests as self belief and from the outside as support, trust and a mandate to continue.

When one element is weakened it affects both. When your self belief reduces, it will be clear to others that you are not fully confident, thus reducing their confidence in you. Equally, if you lose external support, it will have an effect on your inner confidence.

So in order to bolster your own inner confidence, do things that help others have confidence in you. Not only do them, but ensure that what you achieve is visible to others.

Think of someone who you have confidence in. Why them?

They will be visibly demonstrating that they are worthy of your trust and belief.

Remember, invisible miracles don’t impress anybody. Others think of you in terms of what they know or notice about you. This is your personal brand.

What do you want it to be?

Do you want others to be confident in you?

Factors contributing to your brand

My best wishes, Paul