Your ego can get in the way. You could think of your ego as your self-orientation.

If this is too high, you can seem to be only out for your own ends at the expense of others.

I win, you lose. I am sure you know people like this.

If your self-orientation is too low, it can lead to a lack of boundaries and low self-advocacy.

You win, I lose. I am sure you know self sacrificing people like this as well.

Finding a healthy ego balance means moving towards seeking win-win solutions and situations.

Good managers have a healthy self-orientation. They take a mature perspective that considers what is good for the whole and find a solution that, in the long run, offers an outcome in which everybody wins.

I win, you win. Don’t you find it nicer to be around people like this compared with the others?

How would others assess your ego based on the way you behave?

For more on this, and a formula on how your ego affects how others trust you, click here.

My best wishes, Paul