Mark Brady’s definition of ‘executive neglect’ is finding those things that are not critical to success and stopping doing them.

So first, what are the primary things you are tasked with doing? These could be in the form of KPIs.

Next, look at what you actually do, and notice what percentage of what you do is directly related to achieving or exceeding those KPIs.

What are you doing that is of low value or actually getting in the way of more useful activity? Stop doing them.

What do you do out of habit or ‘tradition’ rather than for any desire to get specific results? Stop doing it.

Do you spend any time at all thinking about how you can change what you do to get better results? You should be! Start doing it.

And what about your team; are the KPIs you have good ones, and is the right effort focussed on attaining them?

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My best wishes, Paul