Performance Support

Learning often needs to be available as a resource or asset that is accessible and applicable at the moment of need. Performance support tools are embedded in the work process so that the learning is accessed in the work flow.

With today’s increasingly intelligent devices and super-fast connectivity, we are never more than a click or even a spoken request away from an answer to our questions.

Precisely because it is so easy to access the information we need, research shows our ability to recall it is diminishing. Instead it is more important to remember where to access information. And when that information is available at the point of need – rather than something imparted months ago in a classroom – it can be applied and deliver a positive outcome immediately.

But it is important to be able to filter the information available to avoid information overload.

The People Alchemy approach to performance support includes:

  • Contextual guidance
  • Step-by-step instructions (if desired)
  • Deeper detail, for when quick steps are not enough
  • Brokered references
  • Informal and collaborative assets and opportunities
  • Blend with formal training and other learning activities

Performance Support Tools

Performance support tools and resources are not new, but technology developments have improved L&D’s ability to provide ‘just about the right amount of task guidance, support and productivity benefits to the user at the moment of need’ (Marc. J. Rosenberg). The role of L&D now is to provide the right information in the right context. The Internet is a wonderful phenomenon but finding, filtering and verifying the vast amount of information available can be a challenging, time consuming task that actually slows us down rather than supports us in our job.

“We are in the performance business, not the knowledge-gain business. The learning leaders who understand the difference are the ones who will succeed.”

Bob Mosher

Learning At The Point Of Need

Provide your people with a breakthrough resource that provides learning at the point of need, both in the office and via mobile devices. Enable them to access practical, down to earth information created by over 100 experts in bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest and put into practice.


Practical Pathways

A simple but powerful SaaS solution that accelerates peoples’ journey to proficiency. It provides a structured approach to learning over a period of time, focusing on the experiential and informal aspects of learning. In effect, it ‘manages’ the 70 and 20 parts of the 70:20:10 learning model.


Helpful Resources

Email: Monday Tip

We started sending out weekly practical management and personal development tips by email to all of our customers, and they liked them so much – plus we got such positive feedback – that we decided to make them available to everybody, completely free of charge and with no obligation whatsoever.


Tool: Topic List

The P100:Assistant is a powerful online performance support toolkit which provides insight, guidance, advice and expertise on hundreds of topics that your people will need help with every day. Click below for the full topic list.


Guide: KiFi Model

This complimentary guide introduces the new KiFi system model. Enabling you to identify the differences and uses of two different types of learning products – a Know it product and a Find it product – and help you find the best solution to support your people at the point of need.


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