Organisation Development

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1. So what’s it all about?

Organisation Development is a long-range, long-term, holistic and multi-faceted approach to achieving transformational change and to developing the potential, capacity and capability of an organisation, its culture, its systems and the people within it.

  • It is often linked with transformational change, including the development (or review and revision) of the organisation’s purpose and vision
  • It also involves strategic business planning and leadership and people development
  • The OD strategy is normally developed by a specialist OD consultant, who draws on their specialist knowledge of behavioural and social sciences, such as sociology and psychology.

2. Organisation Development – a brief history

Organisation Development (OD) is a subject and approach that has emerged in its own right over the last 40 or so years. As it emerged as a discipline in the late 1960s, Richard Beckhard defined its key characteristics as being

  • Planned
  • Organisation-wide