Paul Z Jackson

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The Solutions Focus Approach

Areas of expertise

  • Change
  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Teams

About the author

Paul Z Jackson is an inspirational consultant, coach and facilitator, who devises and runs training courses and development programmes in change, strategy, leadership, teamwork, performance improvement and innovation.

His expertise in improvisation, accelerated learning and the solutions focus approach has attracted corporate clients and public organisations around the world. With experience as a journalist, a senior producer with BBC Radio 4 and as the founder of the More Fool Us improvisation comedy team, he has led hundreds of people and organisations through positive processes of change. Paul is a co-founder of both SOLWORLD and the Applied Improvisation Network (which he serves as President).

A graduate of Oxford University, contributor to scholarly publications and international conferences as keynote speaker and workshop presenter, he lives in St Albans.

Some recent clients

  • Beiersdorf (Nivea)
  • Capacity Builders
  • Centre for Applided Positive Psychology
  • Chelsea Building Society
  • CIPD
  • Commission for the Compact
  • Cranfield Business School
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Reading Borough Council
  • Resonans
  • Tate


Improv Learning, 58½ Ways to Improvise in Training
The Inspirational Trainer
The Solutions Focus (co-written with Mark McKergow)