Angela O’Connell

Alchemy topics

Intuition in Business

Areas of expertise

  • Intuition
  • NLP
  • Work-life balance
  • Coaching and creativity

About the author

Angela and Pat Naylor ‘clicked’ when they met on an NLP Master Practitioner course in 2003.  Discovering how and why they ‘clicked’ led them to develop the Art of Intuition. They now run workshops, write articles, and advise clients on how to increase and trust their intuition. They are currently writing a book on intuition and developing an on line learning package so that more people can benefit from learning about their intuition.

Some recent clients

Angela and Pat run open workshops with people from all walks of life and business such as:

  • An entrepreneur who wanted to learn how intuition could help him make better decisions to grow his business
  • An accountant who was ‘fascinated to learn more’ and left knowing exactly how to achieve work life balance
  • A photographer who wanted to have a fun day and found new and exciting ideas that re-energised her
  • A freelance trainer who was looking for a kick start for a new year
  • A team of managers who wanted to find new ways of thinking about old problems.


ReSource (The Art of Intuition), 2005

The Model (The Art of Intuition) 2005

Training and Learning (The Art of Intuition) 2006

Platinum – Capability Reviews: how NLP can help in conducting and implementing them 2006