Provide your people with the information they need at the click of a button at their desks or on a mobile device. Compiled by experts, this online performance support toolkit includes advice and tips on every area of workplace learning.

The Performance100:Assistant is a breakthrough support resource that provides day-by-day support on every area of workplace learning.

The premise is simple – most of us need the relevant knowledge and skill to do our jobs. More’s the pity, we can’t ever know it all. P100:Assistant provides practical, down to earth information and actual methods that everyone in your organisation can access right on-the-job, right when they need it. One user called it ‘roll up your sleeves information that helps gets the job done’.

This isn’t about learning modules. This is about bottom line, functional answers, advice, strategies, tools and methods that can be put into use every day to immediately achieve better, and more rapid results.

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The Performance100:Assistant enables your people to:

  • Handle tasks more efficiently and effectively so they can get more done each day – and done well.
  • Learn on the job by applying practical information in real situations, which is by far the most effective form of learning.
  • Readily and realistically make the transition when promoted from team member to supervisor, from team leader to line manager and further.
  • Fulfil their delegated responsibilities with confidence, even if they involve new and unexpected challenges.
  • Lead and motivate themselves and their teams to create an environment of engagement.
  • Deal with the complexity and pace of change.
  • Develop relationships with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders that are based on collaboration and trust.
  • Develop their skills and use best practice.
  • Be innovative and creative where something new needs to be done.
  • Evoke the behavioural changes in themselves and in others required for success.
  • Take responsibility and succeed with their own development and improvement.
  • Realistically make the transition from ordinary to extraordinary.

Learn from the experts

Every line of information in Performance100:Assistant is highly credible because it comes from over 100 authors, one of the largest and most experienced teams of management experts and consultants ever gathered to pool their practical management know-how and expertise into an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resource. Each topic has been written, not by a lofty-minded business consultant or ivory-tower academic, but by a real, expert, working practitioner – someone who not only knows their subject inside out, but who spends their working life helping individuals and organisations benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Their brief was to keep it simple, practical, and without the usual jargon and academic theory. You’ll see that they have done this superbly and still maintained a good depth of content. The information is presented in an easily-accessible format, explaining why it’s useful, indicating how it can be applied, and relating it to real-world scenarios.


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