Management Development

Managers in your organisation impact performance, motivation, morale and employee engagement. Their ongoing development and support is business critical!

Managers play a crucial role in employees’ learning. They are the people that determine the day-to-day schedule of employees as well as holding responsibility for developing and nurturing their skills and capabilities, and inspiring their performance.

But research shows that despite considerable investment in management training in both the public and private sectors, much of the skill base of managers remains unimproved according to those who work for them. One poll even showed that people would rather suffer a bad hangover than sit through a performance discussion with their boss!

Given the need for organisations to have people who are motivated, enabled and inspired to learn and perform, the consequences of managers with poor skills are enormous. Yet, management, like riding a bike, is best learned in the saddle. The experiential and informal learning that takes place on a manager’s journey is what really counts as they become proficient. Imagine if you could collapse that required experience into a shorter period of time, make the learning curve steep, but not too steep, and also provide a mechanism to ensure they get the learning they need from their experience? People Alchemy provides solutions to drive this increased performance from your managers.

At People Alchemy, we enable managers to:

  • Handle tasks more efficiently and effectively so your people can get more done each day – and done well
  • Enable on-the-job learning by giving people the opportunity to apply practical information in real situations (by far the most effective form of learning!)
  • Help your people fulfil their delegated responsibilities with confidence, even if they involve new and unexpected challenges
  • Deal with the complexity and pace of change
  • Develop relationships with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders that are based on collaboration and trust
  • Evoke the behavioural changes in themselves and in others required for success

“The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people. But real management is developing people through work.”

Agha Hasan Abedi (Founder of BCCI)

Meet your online performance support toolkit

The Performance100:Assistant is a breakthrough support resource that provides the kind of day-by-day support that almost all employees lack. It contains advice, ideas and insight from over 100 of the most experienced management experts and consultants ever gathered to pool their practical management know-how and expertise into an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resource.


Helpful Resources


The Aspiring Talent pathway is delivered in the workflow to assess and develop an individual for potential promotion in the future. It gives the organisation the chance to assess the potential of an individual without going through the costs of full management development.


Guide: New Managers

Accelerate the time to proficiency for new managers in your organisation with the simple process detailed in this best practice guide. Ideal for those involved in management development and anyone responsible for the induction process or ‘new into role’ programmes.



26 steps that enable a first time manager or supervisor to learn week on week through a tailored pathway with mentoring support. This online solution provides the skills and insights they need to perform in their new role and give the business an immediate return on investment.


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