Get new managers up to speed quickly with our pathways to proficiency. Performance100:Workflow is a flexible SaaS solution that enables you to easily create custom learning journeys specific to your organisation. But we see many companies tackling the same challenges time and again. So to make things easier, we have created a number of off-the-shelf pathways for you to use, including one for new managers and another for middle managers, addressing the different challenges of these roles through their learning activity.

Week by week, the 26 steps in the New Manager Pathway enable a first time manager or supervisor to focus on those areas of their job that matter most. This is done under the guidance of a mentor, usually their line manager, and the whole process is managed using the Performance100 platform.

This means you get all the benefits of the platform including extensive customisation possibilities to suit your exact needs, feedback and diagnostic tools, reporting of valuable usage and status information, real-time figures you can use for ROI calculations, and the multi-lingual capabilities of the platform.

We do. We experience. We remember.

We all know that most of what a manager needs to know in order to do their job is learned on the job through experience and interactions with colleagues. That experience takes time although this time can be shortened if the experience is structured. The New Managers Pathway takes advantage of this informal learning and provides a structured approach that ensures new managers are learning the right things at the right time.

New managers are not overloaded with information too quickly which is often what happens in a training course, and what they learn week by week using the pathway is applied directly to their job giving an immediate return on investment.

How well do you think your managers would perform if they covered all of those subjects under the guidance of a mentor?

Mentoring is a vital part of the week by week process. Mentors would normally be the new manager’s line manager. The mentor is provided with their own guide on the material to cover in the weekly mentoring sessions giving them a framework. This is especially important for line managers who are new to mentoring and perhaps also need to brush up on their own knowledge of the weekly topics.

The 26 weekly topics covered by the New Manager Pathway are:

  • 1. Your role as a manager
  • 2. Keeping legal, healthy and safe
  • 3. Your management portfolio
  • 4. Dress and speech
  • 5. Company values
  • 6. Problem solving
  • 7. Money and fraud
  • 8. Holidays, sickness and other absence
  • 9. Management techniques
  • 10. Using your manager
  • 11. Building relationships
  • 12. Appraisal and disciplinary action
  • 13. Statistics and reporting
  • 14. Feedback and informal review
  • 15. Empowerment and delegation
  • 16. Objective setting
  • 17. Planning
  • 18. Serving customers
  • 19. Creating personal impact
  • 20. Team meetings
  • 21. Getting people to listen
  • 22. Managing conflict
  • 23. Motivating and understanding people
  • 24. Developing colleagues
  • 25. Using technology
  • 26. How are we doing?

The weekly topics covered by the Middle Manager pathway are:

  • 1. Your role as a middle manager
  • 2. Keeping legal, healthy and safe
  • 3. Your leadership portfolio
  • 4. Operational planning
  • 5. Management reporting and accountability
  • 6. Planning for change
  • 7. Implementing change
  • 8. Establishing business process
  • 9. Plan and manage projects
  • 10. Developing colleagues
  • 11. Promote, recruit and select
  • 12. Performance problems
  • 13. Organisational culture
  • 14. Human resource planning
  • 15. Risk assessment and management
  • 16. Quality and compliance audits
  • 17. Innovation in the organisation
  • 18. Budgets and forecasts
  • 19. Customer excellence
  • 20. Considering for the environment
  • 21. Building relationships
  • 22. Contribute to strategic decision-making
  • 23. Managing yourself and pressure
  • 24. Team
  • 25. Using technology
  • 26. How are we doing?


Find Out How It Could Work For Your Organisation

To understand more about the philosophy behind the learning pathway process, read this Training Journal article written by Paul Matthews, founder and managing director of People Alchemy. Or contact us to discuss how the Manager Pathways could be used in your organisation and how it could be customised to suit your own individual requirements. And don’t just take our word for it either. See what some of our clients have to say about how it is working for them.

“Simple format, brief and concise chapters which get to the nub of the issue. As a new manager it is encouraging to be able to immediately implement positive actions for change, and it puts me in the driver’s seat by making me feel more in control of where I am going and how to get there.”
Team Lead, Residential Design Studio
“When you follow through the 26 Steps format, there is absolutely no reason not to spend half an hour a week with your managers – after all they are the ones delivering the business. This process builds trust between you so that you really do work together as a team.”
Sales Director

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