Your people are your most valuable asset. Make them feel welcome from day one. The P100 platform is a simple but powerful way to accelerate the employee induction journey. Create a tailored pathway to take your new starters through everything they need to know with structured approach to learning over a period of time. Mentoring and line manager support are an in-built part of the process and informal activities and hands-on exercises deliver unparalleled learning transfer.

Our P100 platform lets any organisation, in any sector, use existing induction materials to easily create a fully-fledged induction pathway. It leverages content and resources you already have and brings a new starter’s learning experience to life.

The programme encompasses an initial period where new starters find their feet and get orientated within the organisation. From there they discover mandatory information around areas such as health and safety but also role-specific insights on competencies and personal targets and responsibilities. We also advocate every person joining an organisation having the opportunity to learn about the broader business, including its purpose, vision and values. Plus identifying future development priorities and establishing the next steps around probation sets clear goals and establishes the ground rules for everyone concerned, right from the outset.

At the beginning of each module, the new starter is given information around the topic they need to become familiar with. They are then given a set of experiential and social learning activities to do to trigger conversations with colleagues, experiences and reflection which is where the real learning takes place. Notes and actions that arise are recorded by the learner and meetings held with the line manager or mentor to discuss and reflect on the experiences and progress.

Discover more on this one page leaflet and share the key points with colleagues.


Why transfer your employee handbook to an induction pathway?

  • Proves compliance behaviours in line with employment and Health & Safety legislation
  • Confirms that induction is an ongoing learning process, not just knowledge transfer
  • Learners stay at their place of work and embed the learning into their workflow
  • Brings an induction process to life by engaging with many people in a managed way
  • Immediate identification of any potential employment issues
  • Builds respect and transfer of experience – line managers/mentors involved throughout
  • Enables the best possible probation success by giving rich knowledge and information
  • Consistency of message across the company with all new starters
  • Sets a precedent for a new starter that learning, coaching and mentoring are the norm for personal development
  • Full reporting on progress and completion with feedback to the company


Find Out How It Could Work For Your Organisation

The quicker new people become familiar with their role and their environment and establish good working relationships with their colleagues, the quicker they will integrate and add value to your organisation.

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