Building Learning Pathways

Organisations can create their own custom pathways or tap into one of the ‘ready to use’ pathways that come pre-loaded on the platform. Both options provide a structured approach to learning over a period of time.

The steps in the Pathway can be created to encourage daily or weekly activity (or less frequently if desired – the choice is yours!) The Mentor (often, but not always, the line manager) can work with L&D to create the steps and then easily manage the learning process using the Performance100 platform. The on-the-job activities are allocated to the learner in a way that means they are not overloaded and tackle necessary tasks as and when they need to. This experiential approach is invaluable for them gaining new knowledge AND putting new skills into practice at the same time.

Off-the-shelf pathways include:

Email us at [email protected] us or call +44 (0)1908 325 167 to discover how P100:Workflow pathways can support informal learning and a 70:20:10 approach in your organisation. And find out more about how you can tailor it to your unique requirements and build your own custom pathway.