The Aspiring Talent pathway is delivered in the workflow to assess and develop an individual for potential promotion in the future. It covers seven critical development areas and the learning activities would normally be spaced over 14 weeks.

P100:Talent focuses on the core elements and mindset needed by managers and leaders in an organisation. The pathway gives the organisation the chance to assess the potential of an individual without going through the costs of full management development. It provides the learner with a robust foundation of mindset, attitude and practical experience ready for development opportunities in the future.

Seven critical areas covered by the Aspiring Talent Pathway:

  • 1. Managing You

  • 2. Taking initiative

  • 3. Willingness to learn & risk tasking

  • 4. Getting on with others – team work

  • 5. Organising and managing small projects

  • 6. Spoken and written communication

  • 7. Planning your next steps

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