Capability At Work

Many organisations struggle with poor performance and wherever this occurs, it is because someone is not capable of doing what needs to be done. People Alchemy provides a model of capability to identify root causes and deliver performance improvements that make a real impact.

Learning and development has arrived at a fork in the road. Despite investing in new initiatives, organisations are often unable to solve the performance puzzle. And if you cannot get to the real underlying cause of the lack of performance in some people, it will just continue and undermine your organisation’s progress.

Think about it this way – wherever there is poor performance it is because someone is not capable of doing what needs to be done. Something is stopping them doing the job in front of them.

People Alchemy uses a model of capability that enables you to drill down into the root causes that prevent your people from being able to respond to the tasks they need to do. We have worked with organisations to make their learning more effective for over 16 years and understand that the concept of capability can seem like a slippery one! But once it is understood, then the underlying causes of poor performance can truly be weeded out. We are here to help you fully grasp how to assess capability and how to operate less like a traditional L&D professional, and more like a performance consultant.

People Alchemy creates capability in the workplace by:

  • Switching the focus of L&D to outputs and performance
  • Removing the traditional focus on training inputs and learning metrics
  • Providing a model of capability to use as a framework
  • Embedding a performance consulting approach

“It is not sufficient to be competent. An L&D department must be capable, and must be able to build the capability of its clients.”

Dave Pearson, Head of R&D, IT Learning Service

Capability At Work

In order to help you navigate a path to performance and operate more as a performance consultant, People Alchemy founder and managing director, Paul Matthews, has written a new book. Capability At Work is designed to help you solve the performance puzzle and act as a ‘field guide’ to identify what’s preventing your people from excelling.



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