Everything you need to manage apprenticeships, end to end. OTJ hours, reviews, progress data, content, employer access, ILRs – all in one place, saving you time and money.

The most common question we get asked is “How do we record the 20% Off-the-Job (OTJ) hours, and more importantly, how can we get an early warning if these are not being done?”

The 20% hours question is just one of the many things that are involved in delivering an apprenticeship standard the ‘government’ way. But if you want to recover your levy or access the funding, you have to do things the way they ask, despite the extra work it involves.

Getting it right is so much easier with a system that takes care of much of the detail for you from onboarding a new apprentice through to ensuring they are ready for their end point assessment (EPA), and recording progress along the way.

You need a system that can handle any standard from level 2 Butchery to level 7 Leadership; and just so you know, organisations are already using P100 for both of those standards, and many others from Process Improvement to HR to Aviation.

The Peformance100 platform is so much more than just an administrative tool. It started life as a learning tool based on sound pedagogical principles, so you don’t just get the admin benefits, you get all the learning benefits as well. The platform focuses on learning by doing and practising new skills in the flow of work, so it is a perfect fit for apprenticeships which are based on the same principle.

In short, you will get better learning and development results by using the platform, and that has to be good for your organisation.

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Apprenticeship Managers

There is so much you have to juggle in the apprenticeship world. And you can’t let any of it slide, because you will be inspected, and you have to be able to prove that you have been doing a good job.

It’s not just what you do, you also have to keep tabs on the apprentices, their managers, the training companies involved, and probably other stakeholders. You might even have your own internal quality audit people to answer to.

You need a system that makes your life easier by enabling you to manage the whole process, end-to-end, and capture the data and reports you need to keep the inspectors happy.

  • Provide a simple, user friendly way for apprentices to record their 20% Off-The-Job hours.

  • See early warnings for apprentices behind on their programme.

  • Manage assessment of initial skills and prior learning.

  • Track progression towards achieving competence in the required knowledge skills and behaviours (KSBs).

  • Enable tutors to monitor learners and give feedback online.

  • Keep line managers involved as contributors to the apprenticeship.

  • Hold the apprentice and their manager accountable for their tasks.

  • Benchmark and snapshot reporting to satisfy Ofsted and ESFA at inspection time.

  • Customise learning and delivery for each apprentice to take account of prior skills.

  • Gather evidence in one place. Bye bye paper folders and email trails.

  • Reduce your apprenticeship delivery costs, admin overheads and increase your margins.

  • Couple with qualifications from CMI, CIPD and others.

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