What We Do

People Alchemy focuses on capability in the workplace. Everything we do is about ensuring people can do the job in front of them, when they need to do it.


A simple but powerful SaaS solution that accelerates peoples’ journey to proficiency. It provides a structured approach to learning over a period of time, focusing on the experiential and informal aspects of learning. In effect, it ‘manages’ the 70 and 20 parts of the 70:20:10 learning model.




Our consultancy services support organisations in practice. We also share the benefits of our experience through free resources, downloads and our blog. Plus our founder Paul Matthews has authored two bestselling books on Informal Learning and Capability At Work.



A breakthrough support resource that provides day-by-day support on-the-job. We all need knowledge and skills to do our jobs and we can’t ever know it all. The Assistant gives practical, down to earth information that everyone can access right when they need it.


People Alchemy unlocks the power of informal learning to improve the performance of your people and the impact of L&D.

There is so much confusion today about how to embrace new approaches to learning, how to implement 70:20:10, how to boost the performance of your people and your organisation. We exist to support you in solving these, and other puzzles, tackling your unique challenges and creating solutions that will work for your context.

As the name suggests, there’s a little bit of magic in the results People Alchemy delivers into organisations. But our approach is firmly grounded in reality, with direct and practical advice a well-regarded feature of our work.

The core of what we do is about enabling capability in the workplace. It is all about ensuring that people can do the job that is in front of them, when they need to do it.

We achieve this through innovative tools and technology, a wealth of knowledge and resources and one-to-one consultancy. Whatever your L&D challenge, People Alchemy can unlock the potential of your people, improve performance and ensure L&D are recognised as heroes.

who-we-do-it-forWho We Work With:



Learning Transfer

The success of L&D depends on the ability of a learner to successfully apply the behavior, knowledge, and skills they acquire with a resulting improvement in performance. Support effective transfer of new skills and knowledge into the workplace.



Employee Induction

Onboarding, orientation, induction, call it what you will but the initial settling in period at a new organisation is vital to an employee’s engagement and their ongoing performance. Onboard new starters quickly and effectively with 70:20:10 approach.



Performance Support

Learning often needs to be available as a resource or asset that is accessible and applicable at the moment of need. Performance support tools are embedded in the work process so that the learning is accessed in the work flow. Provide the information your people need to do their jobs, as and when they need it.



Management Development

Managers in your organisation impact performance, motivation, morale and employee engagement. Their ongoing development and support is business critical! Enable managers to develop their own skills and those of their teams.



Informal Learning

People have been learning ‘informally’ since the dawn of time. But the evolution of technology and a changing workplace has accelerated the need for L&D to embrace a less formal approach to training. 70:20:10 is a useful model but what’s the best way to support it in practice?


Capability at Work

L&D and HR need to focus on performance and results rather learning or training. It is the importance of capability that is key to organisational performance and surviving in the current and future economy.