“It’s not what we are that holds us back, but what we think we are not.” Dennis Waitley

So what do you think you are not? Here is how to find out.

Think of an elusive goal you have and then ask yourself the following…

“I want to do/be/have [Goal] but I am not ?????”

What popped into your mind? Is it really true? Now try it for another goal.

You probably have lots of ‘evidence’ you can point to which justifies your thinking, because that’s what we do. We are selective evidence gatherers.

But what would a friend say? Do they see the same limitation? Do they have evidence to the contrary that you have conveniently forgotten or never noticed?

Go on. Ask them with an open mind and notice how you respond.

If the first word that comes into your mind while listening to them is “But…”, then you have found out something about yourself that you may need to change if you really want that goal.

Here are some other things that can get in the way of goals.

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews – Speaker/author/Consultant on Informal Learning, Management and Leadership.