BrightTalk-Performance Management-Paul Matthews-January 2016 v1

Paul Matthews is running a BrightTalk Webinar  on “Managing Performance: An Alternative Approach” on Tuesday 14th January 2016 at 11.00 h

The traditional performance management approach of ratings and annual appraisals is under fire, and rightly so. But what do you do instead?

This webinar is a shortened version of Paul’s all day workshop at December’s CIPD Performance Management Conference:  Desiging and Implementing Alternative Approaches to Managing Performance and will look at an alternative approach where you will learn about…
· The wider performance system operating in your organisation.
· A diagnostics tool to discover the levers to pull to change the system.
· Capability, and how to view it in a new way to improve future performance
· The real role managers should play in performance management.

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