Bizezia logoIn the August Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews’ is suggesting a different point of view

Have you ever noticed that when a friend has a problem, you can often see an obvious solution or course of action, and yet your friend can’t? Even when you point it out, they often still don’t see the obvious.

This happens because your point of view is more objective than theirs, and thus you see different things. You see different aspects of the problem and often a solution that is just not visible from your friend’s point of view, which of course comes from inside the problem. It is the old conundrum of not being able to are in the way.

Using a different point of view can lead to all sorts of benefits, including

  • Gaining clarity
  • Diagnosing the cause of a problem
  • Thinking more creatively and flexibly about an issue
  • Getting more information
  • Understanding other people better
  • Solving a problem
  • Improving relationships and interactions with others
  • Enabling you to think clearly and dispassionately about a problem that is very emotional.

This may seem like a big claim for a simple technique, yet it holds up.

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