We use fear as a signal to move away from things that are dangerous and scary.

But we can get confused. Some things can be scary but not dangerous. When we avoid change, it is often because it is scary, even if it is not dangerous.

What is a change you are thinking about doing that feels scary, but when you think about the worst that could happen, it really is not that dangerous?

> Learn to spot the scary stuff that’s not dangerous.

By the way, this also works the other way around. We can be doing dangerous stuff with significant and bad consequences, and yet, because it doesn’t feel scary at the time, we keep doing it. Think about diet and lifestyle; think about following the crowd, even if you know it’s wrong and that one day what you have done will come back to haunt you; think about doing the same old thing because it’s so easy, and later it becomes the greatest regret of your life that you didn’t reach for something more.

> Learn to spot the dangerous stuff that’s not scary.

Attribution: I got this idea of scary vs dangerous from this blog

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