What does using your BlackBerry or other email device in meetings say about you?

1. You think the next email is going to be more important than the conversation everyone is having in this meeting. If so, why are you at the meeting?
(Others might consider it rude and arrogant that your emails are more important than the meeting)

2. You don’t trust your people, and feel that you must be connected every minute to make sure that things are done right.
(Others are thinking that you are micro-managing your people and not really a good manager or leader)

3. You feel that it makes you look important and indispensible. It is a prop to your self-worth to be seen to be needed.
(Others can see through this posturing and may be quite amused by it)

4. Or you are simply addicted to the rush of excitement when a new email arrives.
(Others might find that quite sad)

Before using your BlackBerry in your next meeting, think about why, and think about why not.

And if you really do need to receive a vital email, apologise as the meeting starts and explain why you need your beloved BlackBerry turned on.

For some other things to think about when opening a meeting, and the 100 mile rule, click here.

My best wishes, Paul