I put ‘most amazing tip’ into Google and right at the top was a YouTube video on how to use eyelash curlers. They look like some kind of medieval torture instrument!

It got me thinking about how we alter ourselves, in either looks or behaviour, to present what we think others will respond well to.

What do you do? Eyelash curlers, or some other medieval equivalent?

In effect, what factors do you think others are judging you by?

Are you right? Is that really true?

Turn it around. What criteria do YOU use to judge others around you?

It’s funny how we think others judge us differently to how we judge others.

It all comes down to personal brand. Here are a few tips on building your personal brand.

My best wishes, Paul

By Paul Matthews – Speaker/Author/Consultant on Informal Learning and Workforce Capability
Author of bestsellers “Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle
and “Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times
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