ConflictI was thinking about conflict, mediation, discussion, compromise, agreements and…….
This got me thinking about values and beliefs.

Our values move us in the direction of what we want for ourselves, our family, our organisation, and even our country and the world.

Our values tell us what is important.

Our beliefs inform us of the ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to get to the destination our values say we should achieve.

Our beliefs tell us what will work to get what is important.

Our beliefs drive our actions which might be quite different from the actions of someone else with broadly the same values and end destination in mind.

And this leads to conflict.

Conflict arises between people when they insist that their view of how things should be, or how to achieve what should be, is the view that should prevail.

There are three basic ingredients of conflict
1. The parties
2. Their interests or needs
3. Their actions.

Understanding these ingredients makes resolving conflict so much easier. Here’s more on the ingredients and the DNA of conflict.

My best wishes, Paul

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