I was reminded again this week of how debilitating the desire for perfect results can be in terms of stopping us taking action.

“A good plan executed, is far better than a perfect plan carried out next week” – General Patton

But the desire for perfection is part of what motivates us to do well, better than last time. It is a valuable driver that pushes us to improve.

so we need to strike a balance in our quest for perfect plans and perfect results.

When do you throw the switch on preparation and say “Let’s do it. It will be good enough”

How do you know when you throw the switch? How do you feel?

Too early and the results will probably be poor. Too late and you will get delayed results and wasted time doing prep that wasn’t required.

Learn your own pattern, and the patterns of those on your team.

Planning is usually project related, so here are some steps for planning projects.

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews – Informal Learning that works for your organisation