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December 12, 2017

The Elephant in the Room by Paul Matthews

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Paul Matthews examines the learning transfer mindset in his article for Training Journal's September 2017 edition So what is learning transfer? Like many terms, the phrase seems to mean different things to different people. In organisational learning, it usually refers to the operationalisation of ‘learning’ that has happened in a prior formal event such as a training course, or an e-learning course. Every definition

November 20, 2013

TJ Feature article: Capability – It’s a slippery concept, says Paul Matthews

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Capability is a slippery concept, says Paul Matthews in a feature in the Training Journal November 2013 edition. HR and L&D need to expand their idea of capability so that it matches the wider perspective of how the business thinks of it. Capability comes down to a simple question: can the worker do the task

August 20, 2013

TJ Feature article: Getting a new manager started

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New managers are often left to sink or swim, and the water is deep. How can we support a new manager as they start their role so they don’t drown? In the August edition of Training Journal Paul Matthews fits a pair of stabilisers to the wobbly bike of novice management. Getting a new manager

October 23, 2012

TJ Feature article: A vital distinction

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If you are involved with selecting a computerised system to provide information to people so they can do their job better, or you are seeking better usage of a system that is already in place, understanding the difference between e-learning and e-reference could affect your return on investment by thousands of pounds. In October's Training

July 13, 2012

TJ Feature article: Leadership and learning

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The interdependence of leadership, engagement and learning There could be a good reason for your leadership development programmes not quite getting the results you had hoped for. And the good news is, if it is due to the reason Paul Matthews explains in Training Journal’s July cover story, it can be fixed. The cry goes

January 22, 2012

TJ Feature article: Can you learn soft skills from e-learning?

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There is no simple answer and, indeed, it may even be the wrong question The anwer is yes, and no, and maybe, and it depends. In an article for Training Journal magazine, Paul Matthews recommends shifting the focus from the soft skills themselves to the performance they can improve. If you mean to learn about