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July 29, 2019

The habits of time management

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Some people seem to get a lot out of their time, others not so much. What's the difference? I think it's our habits. What do we habitually do when we are ..given extra work? ..pushed for time? ..stressed? ..have some spare time? ..running late? ..tired? ..up against a deadline? ..spinning lots of plates? Do

May 12, 2019

Are you busy, or just have a lot to do?

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I hear it all the time... "I'm so busy!" But busy is a state of mind. It is the frantic and sometimes jumbled thoughts whirling in our head about all the things on our list that we think we must do. That mess of thoughts causes stress, and paradoxically, detracts from our ability to

August 6, 2018

Are you mosquito or bee?

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"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst" – William Penn We all know about the tension between Urgent and Important tasks, and yet we seem to need a reminder now and again to help us refocus when we are just 'too busy'. Are you 'too busy'? "It's not so much

March 12, 2018

Handling all your spinning plates

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Most of us have so much to do, and we are keeping so many plates spinning. We live in fear of a plate falling off its stick and smashing on the ground. Yet the task of tending to all the plates stops us dealing definitively with any one plate. While our mind is a

January 15, 2018

From overwhelm to sleep

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Overwhelm is what you feel when you are not doing what you think you should be doing and haven't done. Does this sense of overwhelm visit you from time to time? Notice the key phrase in that definition... 'what you think you should be doing' It's how you think about your 'should' list that matters,

September 3, 2017

The wisdom of a bumble bee

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A bumble bee has a lot to do, and not much time to do it in. Sound familiar? I watched a bumble bee a few days ago, flying from flower to flower in a confusing array of geraniums. And then I noticed something. > It was only harvesting from flowers that were the same colour,

March 12, 2014

What are your Big Rocks for 2014?

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What is the Big Rock Theory of Time Management? There are lots of tales as to who created the Big Rock Theory of Time Management (or BRTOTM for short!!) and I have mentioned it in previous Inspires but not written a whole edition on the topic. The story I heard about the origins of the