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October 6, 2019

Experience vs expertise

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When you want to hire someone, collaborate with someone, do business with someone, do you prefer them to have experience or expertise? Which do you think is more important? Experience is a matter of showing up and putting in the time. Does experience necessarily = expertise? When you ask for experience, are you using

November 26, 2018

Are you evolving?

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"Self-reflectiveness is the quality that most differentiates those who evolve quickly from those who don't." - Ray Dalio Are you growing, or in your own evolutionary doldrums? Everyone reflects because we all think about things that happened, but the 'quality' of that reflection varies. If you are going to reflect anyway, you might as

July 16, 2017

Two things went wrong last weekend

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Two things went wrong last weekend, and in hindsight, I knew enough beforehand to have avoided or mitigated both problems, but I didn't. I am not going to beat myself up about how I 'failed'. I did what I did. But what strikes me is that I have thought about both things, and neither will

February 12, 2017

Don’t rain on my parade

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I have been working on an idea the past few weeks, and got to the point where I started talking about it. Some people just 'rained on my parade' and often without really listening or seeking to understand the idea and its potential. Others encouraged me and offered questions and suggestions, some helpful, some not,