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April 28, 2019

The solution to our problems lies elsewhere

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Einstein is reputed to have said, "No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." That's a bit disheartening. Does that mean we can't solve our problems? We think, and enjoy the fruits of our thinking, but if that fruit is a problem, what then? Einstein tells us that

April 7, 2018

Part 2 of ‘Perhaps it’s not the problem that’s the problem’

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This Monday tip is not from me. It was sent to me by Amanda Bowles in response to my last tip which is here Amanda sent me her approach to problems, or what she describes as 'situations'. Fixable and really easy - fix it. Fixable and difficult and important - dig your teeth in

March 26, 2018

Perhaps it’s not the problem that’s the problem

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We are surrounded by problems! How did you react to that statement? Did you nod your head in agreement, or did it feel wrong? Do you find that your life is full of problems that 'drag' on you, or do you seem to think of the problems in your life as transient while you

January 22, 2018

How to find the gift in every problem

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When things are not going as we want, so much of the time we focus on what is not working and try to fix it. There is another approach to try as well. Focus on what is working in relation to the problem, no matter how small, and amplify it. Do more of what works,

July 24, 2017

Your power as a shapeshifter

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We think about stuff. It's one of the things that makes us human. As we think about stuff, it takes form in our minds. It becomes large or small, good or bad, solid or fluid, beautiful or ugly, hot or cold, and all the variations in between. "There is nothing either good or bad but