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November 13, 2018

Article: How are you going to be meaningful?

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In November's Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews' asks how  you are going to be meaningful? I saw this great quote a few days ago... "Are you here to do something or just for something to do?"* That made me think! Do I want to do something that is meaningful? Or just do whatever stuff turns up? If

October 9, 2017

Can you do ‘rubbing out’?

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I received this story from Eleanor, who reads these weekly tips... On the bus I chatted to a sweet little girl (unknown to me), reception pupil I reckon. She enthusiastically informed me with a great sense of achievement, combined with relief, "Today we learned rubbing out!" I guess we can sometimes feel relieved, mixed with

September 11, 2017

The first step to innovation is…

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The first step to innovation is to turn off autopilot in your brain. Why? Because autopilot stops you noticing when things go well, and things that go well are the best input you have for innovation. This week, first notice, then get really curious about things that work well. Then think about how you can

August 28, 2017

Article: Using a different point of view

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In the August Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews' is suggesting a different point of view Have you ever noticed that when a friend has a problem, you can often see an obvious solution or course of action, and yet your friend can’t? Even when you point it out, they often still don’t see the obvious. This happens because your point of

October 30, 2016

404 – Not found!

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My records tell me this is weekly tip number 404. Apart from being somewhat bemused that I am still writing them after 8 years, it reminds me of the eponymous internet error. A 404 error indicates that you could communicate with the web server, but the server could not find what was requested. The thing

April 7, 2016

Learning at Work Week 2016 – free Alchemy access

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Learning at Work Week 2016 is taking place from 16 - 22 May and as in previous years, we are making the Alchemy Performance Assistant available - for free! Campaign for Learning has been running this annual event for a number of years now. It is celebrated by companies and workplaces across the country.  Many participants