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July 3, 2017

Management is dead! … Really?

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We hear so much about leadership these days, and it is often touted as the 'cure-all' for almost any organisational ill. So much so we even see articles with the flavour of 'Management is dead. Long live leadership!' Really? Stephen Covey simplifies leadership and management nicely; leadership is about people, management is about things. If

January 28, 2016

Article: Good or bad manager (Better Business Focus)

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Good or bad manager - what's the difference? – article by Paul Matthews published in the January edition of Better Business Focus I was chatting recently with someone about what makes a good or bad manager. Here are some things we came up with... Good managers talk about the big picture and are free with information, treating people like adults. Bad managers dole

September 12, 2013

News: Alchemy Learning Pathway

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New managers achieve capability using the Alchemy Learning Pathway People Alchemy are launching their ground-breaking new SaaS platform that accelerates the time to proficiency for people new into a role at this year’s World of Learning Exhibition. The Alchemy Learning Pathway uses the latest informal learning concepts to ‘manage’ the 70 per cent experiential and

August 20, 2013

TJ Feature article: Getting a new manager started

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New managers are often left to sink or swim, and the water is deep. How can we support a new manager as they start their role so they don’t drown? In the August edition of Training Journal Paul Matthews fits a pair of stabilisers to the wobbly bike of novice management. Getting a new manager

July 31, 2013

ILM Edge article: management pitfalls

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In the summer issue of ILM’s Edge Magazine, Paul Matthews comments on how to manage the expectations of your new boss and the common failure to seek a role model or mentor. ILM Edge Management

August 30, 2012

Event: World of Learning exhibition

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  People Alchemy at World of Learning 2 - 3 October 2012, NEC Birmingham People Alchemy will be at stand C30 to showcase Alchemy for Managers and its mobile edition for smartphones and tablets. Managers need immediate answers, even if they’re away from their computers, so bringing the entire Alchemy content library to a mobile

August 7, 2012

ILM survey and management survival tips video

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Shortage of skilled managers a major issue for UK plc according to new research More than nine out of ten (93 per cent) UK businesses believe they are at risk of being held back by a shortage of skilled managers, according to new research published today (Tuesday 7 August) by the Institute of Leadership &

July 12, 2012

News: Alchemy for Managers topic news

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Alchemy for Managers has been updated Social Media for Managers addresses the issues of balancing business and personal use of social media in the workplace. Your physical state has a huge impact on your job performance. Health Habits explains how the longest-lasting, top performers in business make time to have the best health. Diversity and