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December 12, 2019

Kindle promotion of Paul Matthews’ L&D Trilogy

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Treat yourself... the Learning & Development Trilogy by Paul Matthews is available to download for free on Kindle from 13 - 17 December 2019. We are running the Kindle promotion for all three of Paul's books: Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times L&D can harness the power of informal

December 5, 2018

Book review: Learning Transfer at Work by Janet North

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Last week, Training Journal Editor Jon Kennard gave his blog over to Janet North to review Paul Matthews' latest book 'Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance': Janet writes "The primary purpose of training should be improved employee performance. Can any of us disagree with this statement? However, many training interventions

October 28, 2018

Bouncing 3-week-old baby book!

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It is done. I now have a 3-week-old bouncing baby book making its older siblings jealous of all the attention it's getting :-) The book helps you help others who have been on a training course use what they learned on the course. If you are a manager, this is one of your jobs.

October 10, 2018

Paul Matthews’ new book has finally been published

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Today is a big day! It's the official launch of Paul Matthews' new book 'Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance'. It's been a long journey and I'm grateful for the many contributions that have added a richness of thought I could never have achieved on my own... I hope you

September 6, 2018

Getting ready for World of Learning 2018

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*** World of Learning Exhibition and Conference on 16 - 17 October 2018 has been an gone. It was a great show for us and the topic of Learning Transfer is certainly heating up in the L&D arena. If you missed it, Jon Kennard did a brief Training Journal podcast with Paul Matthews during

July 4, 2018

Magazine excerpt: The weakest link

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Paul Matthews, CEO and L&D expert was recently invited to write an article for Training Journal magazine. He argues that to deliver performance improvement we must focus on training transfer. "Learning transfer underpins the whole notion of training, and yet too often we focus on the transmission of information from the trainer to the

June 26, 2018

Webinar: How do you ensure learning transfer from your training?

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As part of the monthly Training Journal #TJwow webinars, Paul Matthews will be on the panel when the question for discussion is 'How do you ensure learning transfer from your training?'. The other speakers are Ina Weinbauer-Heidel, Institut fur Transferwirksamkeit and Emma Weber, Lever - Transfer of Learning. Paul says “I am really looking forward to

March 27, 2018

Activating organisational learning at Henley Forum

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Activating organisational learning at Henley Forum on 18 April 2018 If you're local to Henley and haven't had a chance to hear Paul Matthews latest concepts on learning in the workflow then this event might be perfect for you: Henley Forum’s Director Dr Sharon Varney will be your host for the day and will help you

March 19, 2018

People Alchemy at CIPD Learning & Development exhibition in April 2018

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We look forward to returning to our usual stand 609 at CIPD Learning & Development exhibition at Olympia London from 25 - 26 April 2018 for the 7th year. The theme for this year's show is 'Driving performance through learning' and we look forward to showing visitors how we can help do just that.

March 13, 2018

NZATD Conference in Auckland on 16 & 17 May 2018

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Paul Matthews is very happy to have been invited to speak at the NZATD Conference in Auckland on 16 & 17 May with the theme "Maximising business impact". The sub-themes maximising learning impact, measuring business impact and technology's impact on learning will all be touched on in his Keynote "Learning transfer from classroom to workplace". And if

January 16, 2018

Seminar: The nuts & bolts of learning transfer

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As every year, Learning Technologies exhibition 2018 offers an impressive lineup of free seminars. Whether you are a corporate L&D professional or a face to face training provider, if you want to find out how to achieve real performance improvement and business outcomes following traditional training intervention, don't miss "The nuts & bolts of

December 12, 2017

The Elephant in the Room by Paul Matthews

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Paul Matthews examines the learning transfer mindset in his article for Training Journal's September 2017 edition So what is learning transfer? Like many terms, the phrase seems to mean different things to different people. In organisational learning, it usually refers to the operationalisation of ‘learning’ that has happened in a prior formal event such as a training course, or an e-learning course. Every definition

November 2, 2017

World of Learning – learning in the workflow

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World of Learning Conference & Exhibition 2017 for us was all about learning in the workflow and learning transfer. A couple of weeks on from the event and we're still buzzing. The team are busy following up the many leads and I'm finding a few articles I'd like to share with everyone who is still reflecting

October 3, 2017

Article: Informal learning – critically important, but neglected by Paul Matthews

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This article on informal learning and learning transfer was written for and originally published on and has been published here with TrainingZone's permisson. Informal learning is a big thing now in learning and development. The 70:20:10 model, and others, tells us that informal learning is vastly more important than you’d ever think given the

September 6, 2017

Seminar: Learning transfer from classroom to workplace

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Join Paul Matthews for his free seminar at World of Learning on Learning transfer from classroom to workplace It seems Learning & Development are increasingly paying attention to learning transfer. Anyone who has ever attended a training course themselves (that's everybody, right?) is well aware that little of what is learned in the classroom gets embedded