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December 9, 2019

A great quote from George Bernard Shaw

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"The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished." George Bernard Shaw We say something, we write something, and we think that because we clearly communicated our thoughts and feelings that the other person has understood us. Really? The only way you can know if you communicated successfully is by observing,

July 21, 2019

Communication is the response we get

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I was reminded of this principle a few days ago watching a movie. From my perspective, as the watcher, I could see both sides of the story, but each character in the movie could only see their side and interpreted the same communication event very differently. Chaos ensued, but looking on as the watcher

May 1, 2019

Article: Is learning the right focus for Learning & Development people?

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In the May Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews asks if learning is the right focus for Learning & Development people... The goal of the learning and development person is to help people learn. That makes sense doesn’t it? After all that is their job title. But what does the organisation really need? Organisations need

March 12, 2019

Article: Pseudo-profound bullshxt exists

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In the March Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews ponders the existence of pseudo-profound bullshit in a work context This research amused me and my apologies to those who may not like the term used by the researchers. According to Artur Nilsson and his colleagues at Lund University in Sweden, pseudo-profound bullshit refers to the

February 18, 2018

Start at the end and work backwards

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Communications are more likely to get action, if the call to action is at the end. This week, start by preparing how you are going to finish them - your final words, discussion topic, slide etc. Now that you know where you need to get to in the communication, work backwards from there to a

October 23, 2016

Mind the gap!

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Last week, several people mentioned silos to me. The kind that exist in organisations. The kind they blamed for many problems. And they said, "We must tear down the silos". But the silos are, to some extent, inevitable. A different culture is required in accounts, sales, research, and the factory. The problem is not the