Learning Technologies exhibition 2018 logoAs every year, Learning Technologies exhibition 2018 offers an impressive lineup of free seminars. Whether you are a corporate L&D professional or a face to face training provider, if you want to find out how to achieve real performance improvement and business outcomes following traditional training intervention, don’t miss “The nuts & bolts of learning transfer”.

The biggest waste of training budget is caused by a lack of effective and proactive learning transfer activities. Even after a great training, the impact is often very disappointing. People go back to pretty much what they were doing before the training course. The easiest way to improve ROI on your training spend is to improve learning transfer because there are so many simple things you can do.

Here is how to do learning transfer:

  • Get the stages in the process right
  • Use 70:20:10 principles to make learning stick
  • Push people up the ‘learning stack’
  • Hold people accountable at several levels
  • Use behavioural ‘nudges’

Join Paul Matthews to find out all the above on Wednesday 31 January at 13.15 – 13.45 h (Theatre 2) or Thursday 1 February at 15.30 – 16 h (Theatre 3).

If you miss the seminars you can still visit us on stand G5 to get a free preview of Paul’s forthcoming book “Learning Transfer at Work” and be entered to win a copy of the book once it has been published. Find your postcard in the bag you collected at the entrance or pick it up on our stand.

Register to attend the exhibition for free here.