Paul Matthews founded People Alchemy Ltd in 1999 after a distinguished career in industries as diverse as engineering, travel and information technology. He held many senior posts in sales, customer service and operations, through to a role as director in a multinational IT company before beginning to help others unlock the potential of their organisational learning. His philosophy and approach is what People Alchemy is built on and what makes us different.

As a speaker, Paul’s key skill is in making the ideas come alive with stories, and making sure the audience gets practical tools and tips to take away and implement. He excels at reducing complex theory down to simple concepts and then articulating these in a way that everyone can understand, and more importantly, use to get better results for themselves and their organisations.

Paul is a regular speaker at HR and L&D events and exhibitions covering topics such as harnessing the power of informal learning, learning transfer, capability at work, workplace performance, and how L&D can be effective in these tough times. He is also invited to speak on management and leadership, and how they impact on capability and performance at work.

Keynote examples:

  • Learning Transfer and Workflow Learning – how to put a ‘wrapper’ around your classroom event so the event itself is more effective, and the learning is transferred back to the workplace and ‘operationalised’
  • Performance Consultancy – how to make sure that L&D is working on and spending money on the right stuff, not just whatever someone asks for
  • The Brand of Learning and Development – a progressive approach to L&D that will change your brand into a trusted business partner as well as the relationship between your ‘brand’ and 70:20:10
  • Informal learning – few organisations leverage its power. Paul has the tools and strategies you need to implement informal learning
  • L&D strategy – Paul explains how the three elephants in L&D tend to act together as well as practical ways to start dealing with them
  • Onboarding – Learn the secrets to great onboarding – the kind that truly makes a difference to someone!

He has captured his leading edge thinking in three published books on Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times  and Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle. His latest book Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance  was published in October 2018.

“I really enjoyed your seminar at World of Learning. I’d actually been on a 2 day course about performance based consultation the week before and found that I got so much more out of your 30 minute seminar than the full 2 day course.”

Rebecca Pooley, Learning Specialist, npower Business


Workshop and internal events

In addition to speaking at conferences, Paul works directly with organisations including Barclays Bank plc, Credit Suisse First Boston bank, Google, Amey, Philips Semiconductors, General Motors, Roche, Deutsche Bank, Zurich Insurance and Ricoh, as well as many Police Forces, Universities and other organisations in the public sector.

He hosts workshops and speaks to internal audiences and stakeholders on subjects such as

  • 70:20:10 and Informal Learning
  • Learning Transfer and Workflow Learning
  • Performance Consultancy and employee capability
  • The Brand of Learning and Development
  • L&D strategy

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your session last week and to compliment you on your excellent facilitation. It demonstrated what I have sometimes thought but found hard to articulate – it is the space between words that actually creates meaning – not the ‘absolute’ meaning of a word. Letting us roam freely and then having the dexterity to bring back some focus was truly admirable. Difficult concept to sell of course – most business managers would roll their eyes, but in fact would all benefit from just such musing, from time to time.”

Karen Maxwell, Leadership & OD Consultant, KMC Ltd



Paul also runs webinars, for either closed learning communities or public events reaching out to a worldwide audience. He has hosted webinars for the DPG Community, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) and BrightTalk. Topics include employee engagement, performance support, informal learning, 70:20:10 and more recently capability at work and managing performance.

“Thanks Paul. Really interesting webinar. I’d be curious to know how many larger businesses are brave enough to totally rethink their PM system. I know of one that could really do with it! Your webinar has given me food for thought about how I work with managers and I will be getting your books!”

BrightTalk webinar “An alternative approach to managing performance”

Email Paul directly at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1908 325 167 for further information or to check his availability. Connect on LinkedIn.