Long before Paul became sought after as an expert in the area of informal learning and workplace performance support, he grew up on a farm in New Zealand. His practical approach typifies the well-known Kiwi can-do attitude and focus on solutions that actually work. Leaving the farm behind, he travelled the world and gained valuable experience working in many industries and in many countries.

After working in a number of corporate organisations and setting up People Alchemy in 1999, Paul decided to distil some of his knowledge into his first book. In 2013, he wrote Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times.  The aim of the book is to help learning and development professionals manage the critical shift in the way organisations need to cater for the learning needs of their employees.

Following the success of the first book, in 2014 he penned Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle which explores the root causes of peoples’ poor performance and how to seize the opportunity of the changing nature of L&D.

Paul kept saying that two Learning & Development books are enough but learning transfer turned out to be too big and important topic. Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance  was published in October 2018. The feedback from many L&D professionals is that it is a must read!

“Hurrah!! Finally, a book that doesn’t just theorise about informal learning, but actually provides real-world, practical advice for making it happen.”
Nikki Talbot, L&D Director
“Paul sets out his case succinctly and manages to distil, in a very easy to read book, clarity, common sense and a way forward from the often over-crowded debate on the future direction of workplace learning.”
Derek Brimley, Learning Manager
“I found the insights in this book had me nodding my head in agreement on almost every page. The practical advice is clear and implementable.”
Charles Jennings, Duntroon Associates
“This book is in effect a field guide for HR and L&D practitioners to develop performance consulting capability.”
Karly Olsen-Haveland, Group Director of People and OD

“Learning Transfer has been L&D’s dirty little secret for too long. Paul Matthews’ excellent book is packed with actionable hints, tips and strategies which will enhance the work of anyone who is serious about ensuring that learning interventions make a positive difference.”

Robin Hoyle, Huthwaite International and Chair of the World of Learning Conference

“Learning transfer is actually the most critical piece of the learning puzzle, without it the entire exercise is wasted. Learning Transfer at Work finally offers some answers on how to pin this down and really make it happen, a great read.”

Joe Tidman, Head of Learning and Development, Johson Matthey

“Imagine my delight when I read Paul Matthews’ book extolling the advantages of harnessing informal learning and making a strong business case for doing so.  The first two chapters leave one in no doubt that integrating informal learning into the culture of organisations is essential, not just to survive but also to thrive, in an increasingly competitive world.  But the book does not merely make the case for informal learning, valuable though that is, it also gives numerous examples of informal learning in action – over 50 of them – on how to get informal learning at work to happen in utterly practical ways that will enhance performance.”

Dr. Peter Honey

Email Paul directly at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1908 325 167 to discuss any of Paul’s ideas or what’s in the books in more detail. Feel free to connect with Paul on LinkedIn.