Paul Matthews 

Paul makes ideas come alive with stories, practical tools and tips everyone can understand. This has led to two bestselling books and speaking appearances worldwide.

About Paul

People Alchemy’s founder and CEO is Paul Matthews. Paul’s key skill is in making the ideas come alive with stories, and making sure his listeners receive practical tools and tips to take away and implement. He excels at reducing complex theory down to simple concepts and then articulating these in a way that everyone can understand, and more importantly, use to get better results for themselves and their organisations.

Paul is a regular speaker at HR and L&D events and exhibitions covering a wide variety of topics; especially informal learning, learning transfer, performance consultancy, and how Learning & Development can help businesses achieve their targets.

He is also invited to speak on management and leadership, and how they impact on capability and performance at work.


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L&D at Work Trilogy



Paul is the author of Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times, explains how companies can harness the power of informal learning using practical advice from workplace learning experts and practical examples and case studies from around the world.

His 2014 book Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle has also been widely acclaimed as a ‘must’ for anyone in HR or learning and development.

In Autumn 2018 he published his third and final book Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance. The role of anybody involved in workplace training to improve performance MUST incorporate proactive learning transfer and extend their reach beyond the classroom…




As our name suggests, there’s a little bit of magic in the results People Alchemy delivers into organisations. But our approach is firmly grounded in reality, with direct and practical advice a well-regarded feature of our work.

The core of what we do is about enabling capability in the workplace. It is all about ensuring that people can do the job that is in front of them, when they need to do it. We achieve this through innovative tools and technology but also our tailored, one-to-one consultancy. Paul is extremely hands-on and loves nothing more than rolling his sleeves up and working closely with clients to improve performance. Whatever your L&D challenge, Paul’s approach can unlock the potential of your people and ensure L&D are recognised as heroes.