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Human Law: How soft skills will differentiate lawyers from robots by Alchemy author Rachel Brushfield, with comments from Paul Matthews

Soft skills will secure lawyers’ future in the age of artificial intelligence, says Rachel Brushfield

With advances in artificial intelligence heralding a new age of cyborg lawyers, it’s more important than ever for lawyers to focus on the human
qualities that cannot be easily replicated by robots.

This article discusses how law firms should develop soft skill training programmes for partners under the new self-monitoring continuing professional development (CPD) regime for lawyers in England and Wales, which can be opted into from 1 April 2015. It looks at the different kinds of learning that should be used and encouraged, and explores some creative approaches to equip partners with good interpersonal or soft skills.

‘Soft skills’ is a broad term for non-technical, interpersonal skills that are necessary for professional success. They enable partners to connect with clients and to get more done through and with their colleagues.

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Previously published in Managing Partners Magazine – April 2015 edition: