Bizezia logoIn the May Better Business Focus, Paul Matthews asks if learning is the right focus for Learning & Development people…

The goal of the learning and development person is to help people learn. That makes sense doesn’t it?

After all that is their job title. But what does the organisation really need?

Organisations need more than people who just know lots. They need people who are capable of doing the jobs that the organisation needs to be done. If you have the choice, which would you prefer; an employee who knows lots about the job, or an employee who is capable of doing the job?

Most people would opt for the capable employee. The worth of most employees to an organisation is based far more on their capability to do their job than on their knowledge of things relating to the job. Of course, part of capability is having the right knowledge, but it is only part.

My suggestion is that the role of anybody responsible for learning and development within an organisation needs to be much broader.

Here is what I would suggest….