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Learning & Development – An evolution or revolution?

In a recent poll the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) posed this question and the result was unequivocally undecided with the following result:

Evolution – 50%

Revolution – 50%

In this article Paul Matthews shares his thoughts in relation to the question:

Neither and both. It reminds me of the old quote that the future is already here, it is just somewhat unevenly distributed. So it depends on where you look as to whether you see evolution or revolution, or indeed, even devolution.

20 or so years ago, Learning & Development operated in a narrow band of activities compared with what it gets up to today. They didn’t understand the massive changes that would be wrought within the industry due to technology, and also due to models such as 70:20:10 which are changing the strategies that L&D is using, and encouraging thinking well beyond the traditional chalk and talk approach to learning.

Do you think we need a revolution? Is our L&D in a state where a revolution would be useful or necessary?

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