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The Alchemy Performance Assistant knowledge support tool is free for ITOL members!

Dear ITOL visitor,

Here is a way for you, as a training and development professional, to be more effective, more efficient and get better results for yourself and the people who look to you for their learning and development.

And best of all, it’s yours free! (If you are a member of ITOL)

If you are not yet a member of ITOL, it is actually more cost effective to become a member in order to get access to the extraordinary Alchemy resource, than to pay full price (£200 + VAT) for Alchemy direct from us.

There is a good reason why we are doing this special deal with ITOL. It helps you, and it helps us. I’ll tell you why.

What’s in it for you?

Alchemy Performance Assistant provides you with a massive knowledge base of material that will assist with any management development, general skills training or learning programme you are doing. And that will save you time – lots of it.

You may also be a manager with responsibilities for a team or a department so Alchemy will help you lift your own management skills by providing you with just the information you need – right when you need it.

What’s in it for us?

We think Alchemy is so good that you will realise how much benefit it would be to your company, your students, your colleagues – and you will consider making Alchemy available as an ongoing support resource before and after training.

You see, as trainers and people responsible for learning in a class, or in a whole organisation, I am sure you are as perplexed as I am how any organisation can ask so much more of their employees week by week, and yet not provide the support needed by those very same employees to be able to do what is asked. Aren’t you?

Wonders can be done in the training room, especially with the use of accelerated learning tools and techniques, but even so, no one can ever know it all. They should always have a credible and comprehensive resource available so they can get the information they need – right when they need it. Which is RIGHT NOW!

When they have a problem, right there and then they don’t actually need learning modules – they need immediate answers. And that is what Alchemy Performance Assistant provides.

So in collaboration with ITOL we have arranged for ALL levels of ITOL member to have complete and free access to Alchemy during their membership. There is no obligation now, or at any time in the future.

A full Alchemy subscription normally costs £200 + VAT per year, so the ITOL annual membership fee starts to look very good value, doesn’t it.

To claim your free no obligation access to Alchemy simply register below for the free trial, and then send us your ITOL membership number and we will immediately upgrade your account. We will send these claim instructions to you when we send your own personal login details.

If you are not yet an ITOL member, I advise you to get the free trial anyway so that you can see what an extraordinary resource would be available to you for free as part of your ITOL membership.

I look forward to sending your private login to Alchemy by return!

My very best wishes,

Paul Matthews
Founder and MD
People Alchemy Ltd

PS Feel free to look around the Alchemy site to learn more about Alchemy, and then take your no-obligation free trial which you can upgrade completely for free if you are an ITOL member.

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