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Over 130 topics compiled by industry experts, our online performance support toolkit includes advice and tips on every area of workplace learning.

The Alchemy Assistant enables you to:

  • Handle tasks more efficiently and effectively so they can get more done each day – and done well.
  • Learn on the job by applying practical information in real situations, which is by far the most effective form of learning.
  • Readily and realistically make the transition when promoted from team member to supervisor, from team leader to line manager and further.
  • Fulfil their delegated responsibilities with confidence, even if they involve new and unexpected challenges.
  • Lead and motivate themselves and their teams to create an environment of engagement.
  • Deal with the complexity and pace of change.
  • Develop relationships with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders that are based on collaboration and trust.
  • Develop their skills and use best practice.
  • Be innovative and creative where something new needs to be done.
  • Evoke the behavioural changes in themselves and in others required for success.
  • Take responsibility and succeed with their own development and improvement.
  • Realistically make the transition from ordinary to extraordinary.

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