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Well, it was going to be another of my Best Practice Guides, but it got too big for that. Then it was going to be an eBook, but it kept growing. So I bowed to the inevitable and started the journey to writing another book. Yes, I know; I said that two L&D books were enough, but this new one on Learning Transfer is important!

Learning transfer does seem to be the elephant in many rooms I have been in where a training programme is under discussion. When I point at the elephant, there is usually an acknowledgement of its existence, followed by a slide back into the comforting rut of course delivery.

To me, this elephant is BIG, and impossible to overlook. To me, the case for proactively driving the learning transfer process is self-evident, and yet so many people choose to behave as if the elephant is not there. Why?

Ignoring this elephant is expensive, and besides, it really annoys the elephant!

What you will learn from this brand-new learning transfer book:

  • Why learning transfer is the elephant in the room
  • The mindset required for learning transfer
  • Where and when to start planning learning transfer
  • Common pitfalls and barriers to getting it right
  • Common myths and misunderstandings
  • How to retrofit learning transfer methods to existing programmes
  • Lots of tools and practical ideas to help you be successful
  • How to implement learning transfer successfully

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By the way, I’m Paul Matthews and for the last 20 years, I have worked with organisations to make their learning more effective. I want to help, and I also don’t know it all, so I need your help with this new book.

If you have more ideas and stories I could include in the final book, do send them to me. The more I get, the better the book will be as a resource for other L&D professionals like yourself. I will, of course, fully acknowledge you as a contributor. If your contribution is included, I will send you a complimentary copy of the book when it is published which is hopefully in late September, 2018. I will also, if you wish, include a link next to your contribution so people can contact you about it.

My very best wishes,

Paul Matthews
Founder and MD
People Alchemy Ltd


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