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Dr Peter Honey summarised it well in his review. “I smiled my way through Paul Matthews’ book and I very much hope it will have more impact than my previous offerings. The continued underutilisation of work-based learning is short-sighted and wasteful. Informal learning opportunities are not only plentiful; they are relatively inexpensive and always timely and relevant. I say a loud hurray to Paul Matthews’ book. We all need it.”

Discover how the role of anybody involved with workplace learning MUST change to successfully manage the critical shift in the way organizations need to cater to the learning needs of their employees. Deliberately harnessing the power of informal learning is the new way to improve worker capability, right at the point of work. This book shows you how, using practical advice from workplace learning experts, and examples and case studies from around the world. The role of Learning and Development is changing – both a challenge and an opportunity for L&D practitioners.

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