It can be difficult to influence another person, and maintain a positive outlook when you don’t actually like them. But it would be surprising if we did like every single colleague or customer.

To overcome this challenge, separate the person from the issue. Focusing on the issue helps you to think rationally and express yourself more positively than would otherwise be the case. Let the facts speak for themselves; avoid emotional distractions. If the other party wants to get into that type of debate, point out your sole concern is to get the issue resolved for the good of the organisation.

If you face resistance from the other party, they may seem like an enemy. But the truth is that more often than not they are on the same side – same organisation, same department even. It can make a big difference in maintaining your positive mindset if you can think of the other person as an ally.

Alchemy – Tips on how to be in the right frame of mind

My best wishes, Paul