One of the things everyone looks for in their work is meaning. Sadly, many don’t find it, and this leads to disengagement, so how can you turn this around?

People find a sense of meaning when they feel that what they are doing is worthwhile. By this I mean that it has a benefit to themselves, the company, the community or even the planet.

How do you establish a ‘clear line of sight’ between a task, even a mundane one, and the larger company vision?

Consider a job of filing in an insurance company. There’s paper, and lots of it, and it all needs putting away where it can be found again if needed in the future. And who likes filing!

The company vision is to provide financial help when accidents or other costly and unwanted events happen to clients of the company.

How do you connect the filing with the vision?

If that insurance policy document for Mrs Smith is not filed in the right place, and Mrs Smith makes a claim, the whole process becomes much more difficult and fraught, especially for Mrs Smith. The filing is important, especially for Mrs Smith!

Note: If you really can’t connect a task with the larger company vision, you should be asking if the task actually provides any value.

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My best wishes, Paul