You have probably heard that good managers are good coaches, and I would have to agree. The managers that I have enjoyed working for were always good at helping me when I got stuck and needed a helping hand. And yet they applied that hand with a light touch. They didn’t just tell me what to do; they coached me and as result I was more successful, more fulfilled and so I enjoyed what I was doing
so much more.

So what is coaching in the workplace, and is there a way to structure it; a process to help you get it right? There is, and it’s called the GROW model.

The GROW model is easy to apply in practice and it ensures that you cover all of the important bases in your coaching conversations. It is flexible, easy to follow and can structure either a short or longer coaching interaction.

The acronym stands for
G = Goal Setting
R = Reality
O = Options
W = Will

Alchemy – The GROW Coaching Process

My best wishes, Paul