Monday Management Tip

At this time, many people’s minds turn to what goals they will set for the coming year, and yet so many people fail to keep their New Year resolutions.


They have often been side-tracked by one of the many myths and misunderstandings about goal setting.

Many people set New Year resolutions because they feel they should. When that ‘should’ word is involved, beware. You are dancing to someone else’s drum. If the goal is right for you, the word you will spontaneously use is ‘want’. See what happens when you change the word ‘should’ to ‘want’ or ‘choose to’ or even ‘love to’.

If you don’t REALLY want the goal, I would say don’t bother setting it as a New Year resolution because you will be unlikely to keep it. And if you don’t set it, you won’t feel guilty about not keeping it.

On the other hand, if you REALLY want the goal, why not do it now? Make the decision. Waiting for the New Year is just a way of procrastinating.

Follow the link for many more myths and misunderstandings about goal setting.

Alchemy – Goal setting myths and misunderstandings

Best wishes, Paul