Writing to influence.Business writingMany things on our to-do list require input from others, so make sure the way you communicate with them causes action.

Think about why THEY would want to do it because people do what is important to them.

Then ask them for action explaining why THEY want to take that action, which might be very different to why you want them to act.

Just before you write an email or make a call to ask for action, think about WHY from their perspective.

Then think about what they need to know to accomplish what you are asking for, again from THEIR perspective. What’s obvious to you may not be obvious to them.

Imagine you are in their shoes, receiving your communication. What would you do?

Here are a few tips on writing to influence people.

My best wishes, Paul

By Paul Matthews – Speaker/Author/Expert on Informal Learning and Workforce Capability
Author of bestsellers “Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle
and “Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times
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