17 Essential L&D Tips

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If you are in L&D, these are the critical things you need to be paying attention to!

The People Alchemy team has been working with organisations for the last 18 years to make their learning more effective. This booklet sets out 17 essential L&D strategies that you can use to make positive, lasting change in your organisation.

This booklet provides tips on:

  1. Learning strategy
  2. Informal learning
  3. Change programmes
  4. Training follow up
  5. Information barriers and many more


The inspiration for the booklet was a friend of ours moving from a general HR role into one specifically focusing on Learning and Development. She knows we spend our time working with and speaking to L&D people from many different organisations in both the public and private sector, so she asked us, “What should I be paying attention to so that I am successful in my new job?”

It sounds like a simple question, but the more we thought about it, the more we realised the answer was not just repeating what most L&D people have as job descriptions. There was more she needed to know so our founder Paul Matthews wrote out these tips for her. She sent them to her colleagues and they liked them too. And they’ve now been shared across thousands of L&D professionals worldwide! (By the way, our friend is loving her time in L&D, where she feels as if she is making a much bigger difference than before, and what she does really matters. Hurrah! And we like to think that those original tips started her off on the right foot and helped her focus on the things she needed to do to be successful.

We hope they help you as well.

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“This is a brilliant list of tips. People will ignore tips 7 and 11 at their peril!”

Tony, Training Manager