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Guide 4: Leadership and Learning

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What it’s about: There is a strong link between leadership and learning, and this guide explains that link – where engagement fits into the mix, and how the organisational learning environment can act as a brake or an accelerator on the effects of leadership.

Who it’s for: L&D professionals or those involved with talent management programmes, to provide focus on an often ignored aspect of leadership development that can easily de-rail even the best programme.

If your leadership development programmes are not quite getting the results you had hoped for, this might be the reason. And the good news is, it can be fixed. Leadership is often seen as the answer to all sorts of problems. But leadership does not stand on its own as a panacea. Organisations are complex systems and there are dependencies that come into play.

If you want to give your leadership development initiative the best chance of success, you need to pay attention to the organisational learning environment. This best practice guide shows you how with practical guidance and advice.

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